Co-Founder / Director

Cole grew up in rural central Washington the third of six boys and the son of a farmer. His road to becoming a filmmaker was paved by a constant diet of John Wayne and 90s action films. Short of becoming a professional baseball player, he had only one goal: make films. Fortunately, it wasn't long before he realized his best shot was to put down the bat and pick up a camera. Since then he's gone on to direct award-winning short films and Super-Bowl-winning commercials (according to AdWeek). He's currently developing his first feature through UTA and Anonymous Content management.


Co-Founder / Director

Julian arose from meager circumstances in Bakersfield, CA and was the first member of his family to graduate from college. He enjoyed playing drums in various bands and bounced around the States in his early twenties. It was a cross-country road trip from Utah to Wisconsin to produce a no-budget music video for his favorite indie band that awakened him to filmmaking. Since that time he has sought out original stories to tell in his own, unique style.