Co-Founder/Executive Producer

There’s a story Jared likes to tell about the first shoot he ever produced for Cole & Julian. It was a small music video they were shooting at the Springville Art Museum. The night before the shoot they told him they needed three ladders for rigging lights outside the large windows. With no money to rent them Jared drove around late into the night (in a snow storm) asking friends and acquaintances if he could borrow their ladder. The next morning much to their surprise Jared showed up with the three requested ladders - Jared believes it is for this reason they continued to have him back. Cole and Julian do not remember this happening.



Cole grew up in rural central Washington the third of six boys and the son of a farmer. It was in this environment he learned the value of hard work and discovered his love of filmmaking. His parents always encouraged him from day one to go after his dream of becoming a director and equipped him with the knowledge to do so. Cole attended BYU film school, where he met Jared and Julian. For Cole, being able to collaborate with talented people to make an artistic vision come to life is the most invigorating part of being a director.



Julian arose from meager circumstances in Bakersfield, CA and was the first member of his family to graduate from college. He enjoyed playing drums in various bands and bounced around the States in his early twenties. It was a cross-country road trip from Utah to Wisconsin to produce a no-budget music video for his favorite indie band that awakened him to filmmaking. Since that time he has sought out original stories to tell in his own, unique style.