Natalie Neal + Bedroom Stories

A new film directed by Natalie Neal for her podcast Telephone.  Sponsored by Milk Makeup. 

Bedroom Stories is a quiet film that gives us a peek into Carolina’s personal 
relationship with herself, something she’s been cultivating in private most of 
her life. As a trans woman many of her truest moments happened behind a 
closed door in a bedroom. The ritual of putting make-up on, dancing and 
singing in front of her own reflection, and cultivating hobbies like collage and 
reading graphic novels show her at her most vulnerable. 
The film is presented by Telephone Podcast and is in association with Milk 
Makeup. It features the song “Wish” by Ruby the Rabbitfoot and is set 
to powerful voice over of the actress Carolina Gutierrez’s personal struggles 
along the path to becoming the woman she really is.