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Welcome to Saint Cloud...

One of our most recent design projects was a cool-as-hell office design for the folks at Saint Cloud, one of the aforementioned local film production companies.

In collaborating with Jared Harris, Julian Acosta, and Cole Webley [Hollar! A COLLECTIVE client!] of Saint Cloud, we got to create an office space that killed several rad birds with one crystal cool stone: it’s a spot where they can feel at home, host clients with a touch of pride, and express their personal style, which is at the heart of this creative powerhouse.

The fellers managed to land a killer office space on the newly reborn Main Street. Seated in the historic Kearns Building, they lucked out with exposed brick and high, exposed ceilings and the like; it’s a space with a ton of character and potential, which happens to bode very well for this creative gang of raconteurs.

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